A visual experience to look at your future home

VR Games

What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual Reality lets you look around your home, in your own time, at your leisure, for as long as you want, and at every angle.

You get to really feel the spaces, imagine yourself enjoying your time in your new home. You get to immerse yourself and really see the colors, materials, textures, understand interior and exterior vistas, and actually see how everything is designed the way you want it. Furthermore, you can finally FEEL yourself in your new home.

SEE how the light comes into the living room. FEEL how the spaces flow as you walk from the front door to the back garden, SEE the views from the bedroom window and FEEL the size and even the personality of the kitchen.

Your family can also walk through their gracious home to see every room in exact detail before any construction begins. With your pair of VR goggles, imagine every future memory, every fun family event, every milestone—we did say this was going to be fun, right?


We provide 3D visualization and Virtual Reality all the way from the first design ideas to the end product,

for you to make sure you visualize what are you getting before the project is built. The difference between 3D visualization and Virtual Reality is that in 3D visualization is a static 3D image and virtual reality allows you to walk through the project.

Being able to see everything in 3D, not only benefits the client but also minimize coordination mistakes for the contractor who can understand the design intent of the architect.

We are able to share our 3D walkthroughs with the clients for their mobile devices, so they can show it to family and friends and get input.

There are dozens of reasons you should insist that your architect provide you Virtual Reality tours of your home. Starting with it is easy and it shows very precise details that simply can’t be seen on traditional architectural drawings. It nets better design because clients truly understand what they are seeing and can provide very informed feedback. It’s also more efficient, saving you valuable time and money. And it’s fun.  That is why we are expert architects working with Virtual Reality.


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