There has long been a schism between the design and construction of buildings, compromising building quality, blowing budgets, and dragging out schedules.  Architect led design build offers a solution. 

RT Studio's approach is based on the idea that for an architect's plans to be realized successfully, the builder must truly appreciate the design and welcome the opportunity to assure that every detail is executed as designed. 

An architect's design represents a substantial investment for the client, so a key role for the builder is to assure a client's return on their investment by assuring that the architect's intent is realized.  Driving the successful realization of architect-driven homes is the core of our mission at RT Studio.

At RT Studio we are proposers of architect-led design+build. We are trained designers with experience in both the architecture and the construction industry. By merging these two areas of expertise at the beginning of the project, we are immediately able to discuss the effects of scheduling and pricing on a design. Construction managers (cms) are brought on board early in the process to help assess the feasibility and begin working on an initial budget. Throughout the design process, we are constantly receiving feedback for more accurate and transparent cost information that is directly passed on to the client.


We approach each project with sustainable principles in mind, maximizing wellness and energy efficiency.

By using these methods, we can produce unparalleled and dynamic spaces that reunite the synergy between nature and the people within.


What's the difference between architect - led design + build vs contractor design-build?

In the architect led team, the contractor works for the architect instead of the architect working for the contractor.

What does that mean the contractor works for the architect?

What it means is that the design is not based solely on the profit and limitations of options the contractor desires, but by maintaining the client's vision all the way.


If you are thinking about embarking on a design - building project and unsure where to start, our ‘ask the expert’ consultation can provide some of the answers. Follow the link below to book a consultation with Damian who has over 25 years of architectural experience.


As a design studio, we have extensive experience in designing modern new homes, renovations, and additions in suburban areas around the dc metro area. We aim to provide insights into your design question and problems.


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