The bidding process should be self-explanatory. At this time, the owner prepares to select the contractor for the job and sign contracts to proceed with construction. This will typically take up 5% of the architect's time and fees. Multiple contractors submit bids on the job or the client can directly hire a contractor without getting competitive bids, The architect’s role here will be to assist the client. We will answer the contractor’s questions, provide any additional documentation if requested by the contractor. This phase can be started at the beginning of the project. You do not need to wait until all the construction documents are completed, but the price will be more accurate if you do.

If you have an exact budget in mind at the beginning of the process, we may recommend you hire a contractor early to consult. Only a contractor can guarantee a price for construction. Architects and cost estimators who provided budgets cannot guarantee those prices but can provide an educated budget price, based on experience.


Lately, we have found that contractors are very busy, and they want to engage early in the project as a Design/Build agreement with the owner and not compete with their colleagues. With this method, the GC can review the schematic design, design development, and construction drawings from the beginning to ensure the project is within the specified budget. Usually, the Architect and the Construction companies are separate entities and have a good experience and rapport working together in the past. This is called ARCHITECT LED DESIGN METHOD.

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