Wood Frame of House

Continuing the design process, the architect prepares drawings suitable for permit submittal and construction, which are referred to as construction drawings (CDs). These drawings are an instrument of communicating the project to those who will be involved in the construction of your home; the CDs set the parameters for the building process CDs are produced on a larger scale and describe, in detail, the components of your home that need to be fabricated and assembled for it to be built. Tasks include developing the remaining elevations and beginning structural analysis as it relates to the architecture. During this phase, the architect will coordinate with consultants (engineering, interior design, landscape, lighting, HVAC, etc.) ensuring a complete coordinated set for construction.

Once all the drawings are finished, based on the contract we take care of the permit submittal and administration or a professional expediter is assigned, or the client and/or contractor will take care of it. This process if required can take from a month to a longer period based on the location, size, and scope of the project. Lately, we have found that is taking longer due to increased requirements for the jurisdictions and the pandemics.

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