Architectural programming, also called Preliminary Design (PD), is the thorough and systematic evaluation of the interrelated values, goals, facts, and needs of a client’s family and the surrounding community. A well-conceived program leads to high-quality design.

Programming is when you’ll meet with your architect to discuss all of your needs and desires for your new modern home or addition or renovation. During programming, your architect will gather information on your building site or existing home (if you are remodeling). At this time, the owner and architect will begin to form a cohesive relationship and a shared concept for the final building.

Here the scope, features, purpose, and functionality of your home are defined. Together with us, we'll develop and refine a “vision” for the project. Our responsibility is to lead you through a “programming” exercise to help you explore the needs of those who will live, work or play in the space you create.

You will be asked to consider what you want both aesthetically and functionally of your home. What is the time frame for occupying your new home? What are the indoor and outdoor space requirements or the likely movements and interactions of those who will be living and visiting your home? The answers to these and other questions will provide insight into uses and living conditions; insights your architect will use to design a home created specifically for you and your lifestyle.

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