Exclusive Services

We offer this individual services that allows you to know who we are, what it means to work with an Architect and how we can help you frame your vision.

One on One Call

Looking for personalized project advice?  Schedule a one-on-one strategy session with RT Studio owner, Damian Trostinetzky. This session is the first step in working with me, and you will be shocked at what we can achieve in just an hour. This is an ‘ask me anything’ format, so bring your questions, curiosity, frustrations and let’s dive in! 


Vision Discovery

It can be intimidating to contemplate a construction project…ESPECIALLY when it comes to modern properties.  You may not know what your options are…what you need to do…who you need to talk to… or even simply where to start… In my signature 3-part VISION DISCOVERY, we’ll diagnose your unique needs and establish a firm starting point to create a clear roadmap for your project.


Custom Design

Ready to get started on custom design for your new modern home or renovation? I’ll take you through my 5 RTS step, guided project approach to take your project from start to finish and transform your relationship with your home. I only take on a select number of custom projects per year to make sure I can give YOU my full focus!

Create your modern dream home.
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