Gadi, Damian & Shelley met while working for another firm, and discovered they had a lot of shared interest and a way of looking at what Architecture firms should offer to their clients.

Besides those common interests, they realized they lived in the same neighborhood in Rockville, MD a suburb of Washington DC, and decided to establish a firm that would match their vision.

​As passionate and detail-oriented industry professionals, we enjoy approaching complex projects with a holistic approach. A large part of our success stems from our ability to cultivate an intuitive understanding of our client’s needs, and ultimately creating their vision.

In order to provide the best Customer Service, we don't have a limit on design meetings until you get a house you can be proud of.


Meet The Team


Damian Trostinetzky, Assoc. AIA

Damian's love for Modern Architecture has no boundaries. Beside his design abilities he has a keen ear for the clients desires and brings clarity to the Design Intent and how to achieve it. Lately he has found deep love for Japanese architecture and landscaping and how it has influenced the Mid-Century Architecture movement. In addition, he is a talented guitar player and music lover and has a passion for travel and architectural tours around the world. Follow his fantastic images in Instagram @rtarchstudio.


Gadi Romem, RA

Gadi is an accomplished Architect and semi-professional athlete running marathons, triathlons, and Iron Man competitions. He has an immeasurable energy and love for life and laughter.


Shelley Weidl, AIA, LEED AP

Shelley is a LEED certified architect who is passionate about creating high level Biospaces which transform the way people feel and live in spaces while elevating the human experience to higher sense of wellbeing, restoration and level of productivity. The goal is the experience of comfort, wellbeing, safety, peace and ultimately Regeneration.


RT Studio works exclusively with the latest 3D software that provides confidence in visualizing the client's dreams. Virtual Walk-throughs are always a part of the Design experience, and also provided on every project at every step of the way. See below for some examples.

Perspective 1.jpg
Ocean Side.jpg
Enhanced 1.jpg